Geolab Indonesia engages in data acquisition, processing, analysis, modeling and interpretation to modeling the earth. These activities are almost always done using our independent software. One of the software is VIKI, a software for gravity modeling. Currently, VIKI is available in version 2.2 since it was first launched in 2016. In the current version (2.2), VIKI consists of two modules that can be used to correct the gravity data. Both modules are tide correction and drift correction. Tide correction is derived by considering the influence of the existence of the sun and the moon to the data obtained by relative gravimeter, while drift correction is calculated due to instrument fatigue. As an addition, the time series tide correction named SEDAP also presented.

VIKI use the formulation derived by Longman (1959) to calculate the tide correction and simple linear regression for the drift correction. The application is designed as a simple and light application with the intention of flexibility in the field during the acquisition process. So, it can be used as a tool for preliminary analysis to see the quality of the data.